Environment, Cultural Heritage and Energy Lab

We perform research and consulting activities.

Our Lab addresses experimental analyses related to physical-chemical characterization of waste streams and residues, their management and treatment for potential valorization; environmental sustainability assessment of product-systems and industrial processes; environmental monitoring activities; analysis of the effects of environment and pollutants on traditional and modern materials for artistic, architectural and industrial applications. Further analyses include secondary building blocks from biomass feedstocks and characterization of electrochemical cells.

Analytical equipment

Our Lab can count on a broad selection of instruments and analytical equipment for the preparation and characterization of samples as well as softwares and databases for computational modelling.

Sample preparation and characterization:

  • Ion Chromatographer (IC)
  • High Pressure Liquid Cromatographer (HPLC)
  • Gas-cromatographer (GC)
  • Mass Spectrometer (MS)
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy with flame atomizer (FA AAS)
  • Atomic absorption spectroscopy with electrothermal atomizer (ET AAS) and Zeeman effect correction
  • UV/Visible Spectrophotomer
  • Detectors for total organic carbon (TOC), inorganic carbon (IC), and total nitrogen for liquid and solid samples
  • Microwave mineralizer
  • Climate chamber (T, RH, UV)
  • Equipment for material ageing tests by alternate immersions
  • Equipment for material ageing tests simulating rain exposure
  • Instruments for leaching tests
  • Filtration and ultrafiltration equipment
  • PM10 and PM2.5 samplers
  • Optical particle counter (OPC)
  • Instruments for electrochemical analysis
  • Solar light simulator for photovoltaic devices testing

 Computational modelling:

  • SimaPro software for life cycle assessment (LCA)
  • Ecoinvent database for LCA
  • CarbonMinds database for LCA
  • Soca database for social LCA (SLCA)
  • eSankey software for material flow analysis (MFA)

Services and consulting

Services: Our expertise and analytical equipment are at the service of environmental monitoring activities and physical-chemical characterization of materials. 

Consulting: Life cycle assessment (LCA) studies; analyses of material flow and stocks (MFA); consulting activity aimed at developing and applying environmental management plans; energy flows analysis and development of energy plans for municipalities; development of tools for household energy monitoring and electrical mobility.

Teaching and training activity

We offer our expertise and instruments to:

  • Academic internship and thesis
  • Research projects for doctoral students and post-doc scholars
  • Support the development of companies and start-ups

Research Group Environment, Cultural Heritage and Energy