Electrochemistry, Spectroscopy and Energy (S2E)

The group is mainly involved in research in the field of applied electrochemistry, spectroscopic analysis using x-ray methods and their applications in the energy field, such as materials for batteries and ion supercapacitors, both monovalent and multivalent. The functioning of these materials is then analyzed using the most appropriate advanced analytical techniques, also using synchrotron radiation.


Scientific responsible: Marco Giorgetti

Other personnel (PhD students and research fellows, research contracts): Min Li, Rosalinda Sciacca, Mariam Maisuradze, Alessandro Bina.

Research activity

What happens to the material during the charging or discharging of the battery is one of the questions of the research activity of the laboratory of Prof. Marco Giorgetti of the Department of Industrial Chemistry of the University of Bologna. Exploiting the unequivocal selectivity for the atomic species of X-ray techniques, clear and precise information is obtained on the changes that occur during continuous monitoring, a mode called operand, of a battery, for absorption or diffraction experiments. It is possible to monitor crystalline phases, verify the electro-activity of the metallic sites, follow the structural modifications and clarify the dynamics of the functioning of the materials constituting the electrodes. Such experiments, coupled with proper data analysis, enable process improvements for traditional materials as well as the design of new chemistries.

In the electrochemical field, the electrodeposition of suitable materials on conductive substrates allows the fabrication of electrochemical sensors, both operating with potentiometric and amperometric mechanisms, for example by exploiting the electroactive properties of metal hexacyanoferrate deposits, more commonly identified as Analogues of Prussian blue (PB).

The structural analysis of metal complex solutions is of extreme interest when these complexes have cytotoxic properties. The structure - activity relationship, an in-depth chemical-physical investigation, and in particular the knowledge of the structural environment, for example of copper, in these compounds, can lead to a more complete knowledge of the cytotoxic activity.

The group also deals with the analysis of spectroscopic data, following the most modern methods of analysis, including through chemometric approaches.

The research activity of the group is expressed through:

development of new electrode materials for advanced electrochemical applications and their electrochemical characterization, such as batteries and supercapacitors
synthesis and characterization of mixed hexacyanometalates for various applications in the energy and environmental fields
development of analytical methodologies appropriate for the acquisition of data to be treated with chemometric methods
X-ray spectroscopy: electronic and structural studies of electrode materials for energy and its technologies, of inorganic materials for industry, of inorganic compounds of biochemical-biological interest.
development and analysis of techniques involving X-rays, absorption, diffusion, fluorescence.
electrochemical analysis of ion-conducting polymers

Main international collaborations


Scientific production

For the main scientific publications, please refer to the sites of the members of the research group:

Prof. Marco Giorgetti https://unibo.it/sitoweb/marco.giorgetti/pubblicazioni

Dr. Min Li  https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Min-Li-19/publications

Dr Mariam Maisuradze https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mariam-Maisuradze-2/publications

Dr. Rosalinda Sciacca https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rosalinda-Sciacca/publications

Dr. Alessandro Bina https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alessandro_Bina/publications