Administrative services

Activities and personnel

Request for Department patronage

It is possible to request patronage only for non-profit initiatives that fall within the institutional purposes of the Department, such as, for example, conventions, congresses, conferences, seminars, dissemination activities, awareness campaigns, publications of editorial products and multimedia products, in cultural, scientific, social and sporting fields.

The granting of patronage entails the possibility of using the department's trademark associated with the wording "with the patronage of the Department of Industrial Chemistry Toso Montanari - Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna".
Requests for patronage should be addressed to
Sponsorship does not imply that the department or University will provide funding for the initiative, nor that it will offer organizational or logistical support for its implementation, nor that it will promote the Initiative on its official channels

- Contact person to turn to: Marina Grandini

General affairs and contractual activity

Practicals of the Council and the Department Board

Contacts: Lorella Monari, Cristina Caretti

Concession Patronage of the Department

Contact: Cristina Caretti

Agreements and contracts with public and private subjects

Contacts: Stefania Colucci, Cristina Caretti

Forms Accounting and Purchasing Performed activities: Budget preparation, financial statements, three-year planning

Contacts: Cristina Corazza, Cristina Caretti

Purchase of goods and services Purchasing general

Contact: Cristina Corazza

Issuance of orders and relationships with suppliers

Contacts: Laura Alessia Maria Epasto, Mariaelena Rabbi

Research projects contact: Margherita Dalla Casa

Management of events, conferences and meetings

Contact: Marina Grandini

Recipients: professors, researchers and TA staff of the Department

Forms (italian only)

Activities for department staff

Performed activities:

- management of selective procedures and contracts for non-employee personnel

Contact: Stefania Colucci

- management of technical-administrative staff practices, management of teaching and research staff practices, missions, transfers and intra-university mobility

Contact: Lorella Monari

- visiting management

Contact: Marina Grandini

Application Web missions Forms

Activities dedicated to the research

Performed activities: Administrative support to research activities, with particular reference to the management and reporting of research projects

Contacts: Cristina Caretti, Marina Grandini

Recipients: professors and researchers of the Department

Activity dedicated to the Didactic

Performed activities:

  • Front office service for students of the Department's Degree Programs
    Contact: Luigi D’Andrea
  • Support for the didactic activity of the Department's Degree Courses, in collaboration with the "Science" Educational Services Sector (Supply Chain)
    Contact: Luigi D’Andrea

Recipients: students, teachers and researchers of the Department