Administrative services

Activities and personnel

General affairs and contractual activity

Practicals of the Council and the Department Board

Contacts: Lorella Monari, Cristina Caretti

Concession Patronage of the Department

Contact: Cristina Caretti

Agreements and contracts with public and private subjects

Contacts: Stefania Colucci, Cristina Caretti

Forms Accounting and Purchasing Performed activities: Budget preparation, financial statements, three-year planning

Contacts: Cristina Corazza, Cristina Caretti

Purchase of goods and services Purchasing general

Contact: Cristina Corazza

Issuance of orders and relationships with suppliers

Contacts: Laura Alessia Maria Epasto, Mariaelena Rabbi

Research projects contact: Margherita Dalla Casa

Management of events, conferences and meetings

Contact: Marina Grandini

Recipients: professors, researchers and TA staff of the Department

Forms (italian only)

Activities for department staff

Performed activities:

- management of selective procedures and contracts for non-employee personnel

Contact: Stefania Colucci

- management of technical-administrative staff practices, management of teaching and research staff practices, missions, transfers and intra-university mobility

Contact: Lorella Monari

- visiting management

Contact: Marina Grandini

Application Web missions Forms

Activities dedicated to the research

Performed activities: Administrative support to research activities, with particular reference to the management and reporting of research projects

Contacts: Cristina Caretti, Marina Grandini

Recipients: professors and researchers of the Department

Activity dedicated to the Didactic

Performed activities:

  • Front office service for students of the Department's Degree Programs
    Contact: Luigi D’Andrea
  • Support for the didactic activity of the Department's Degree Courses, in collaboration with the "Science" Educational Services Sector (Supply Chain)
    Contact: Luigi D’Andrea

Recipients: students, teachers and researchers of the Department