The Department Junta

The Junta is made up of:

  • the Director, who chairs it;
  • the Deputy Director;
  • the Heads of the Headquarters Organizational Units, if any;
  • the administrative and managerial manager, who assumes the functions of secretary
  • a minimum of 3 up to a maximum of 9 professors and researchers, with an equal composition between the groups and such as to guarantee the representation of the professors and researchers in the various service locations. This representation can be integrated up to a maximum of 3 professors and researchers according to methods governed by the Department Regulations
  • 1 or 2 representatives of the technical-administrative staff elected from among the members of the Department Council
  • two student representatives elected from among the members of the Department Council

The operating regulations of each Department may provide that the Board also consists of 1 representative, with voting rights, of the research fellows on the Department Council.

The Junta's mandate is three years and coincides with that of the Director.