Institutional referents

The Head of the Department can give assignments for particularly important tasks.

Delegations of the Department Director Delegates:

- Prof. Paolo Melchiorre Research Delegate

- Prof. Paolo Righi Delegate for Teaching

- Prof. Marco Garavelli Delegate for Internationalisation

- Prof. Barbara Ballarin Delegate for Orientation

- Prof. Stefano Stagni Delegate for the Third Mission

- Prof. Elisabetta Venuti Delegate for Quality Assurance

- Prof. Alessandro Paglianti Delegate for the Teaching Commission

- Prof. Carla Boga Delegate for the Scientific Degree Plan

- Prof. Alberto Credi Delegate for Relations with the CNR

- Prof. Alberto Credi Delegate for the Library

- Prof. Laura Corazza Delegate for Communication Policies

- Prof. Rita Mazzoni Delegate for Digital Communication