Didactic Commission

Supervise the training offer for which CHIMIND is responsible, analyzing its sustainability, quality and development of future prospects, especially in terms of internationalisation. Proposes activations/deactivations of CDS and/or Curriculum, collaborating in the definition of teaching systems and regulations. Evaluates the teaching organization as a whole, formulating suggestions for improvements and addressing any internal problems. 


The composition of the Teaching Commission is made up of: CDS Coordinators, Director, Delegate for Teaching, QA contact person and other teachers representing the teaching areas and the Department contact person for the Science Chain, TA staff.


· Prof. Alessandro Paglianti


Delegate for Education Paolo Righi

Deputy director Cristina Femoni

CHIM/01 Area Delegate – Analytical Chemistry Isacco Gualandi

CHIM/02 Area Delegate – Physical Chemistry Elisabetta Cané

CHIM/03 Area delegate – General and inorganic chemistry Stefano Stagni

CHIM/04-Polymers area delegate – Daniele Caretti

CHIM/04-Catalysis area delegate – Stefania Albonetti

CHIM/06 Area Delegate – Organic Chemistry Luca Bernardi

CHIM/12 area delegate – Environmental and cultural heritage chemistry Elena Bernardi

ING-IND/25 Area delegate  – Chemical plants Alessandro Paglianti

Course Coordinators

· Prof. Mariafrancesca Fochi (Industrial Chemistry - LT - Bologna)

· Prof. Erika Scavetta (Chemistry and technologies for the environment and for materials - LT - Rimini and Faenza)

· Prof. Stefano Zacchini (Industrial Chemistry - LM - Bologna)

· Prof. Letizia Sambri (Low carbon technologies and sustainable chemistry - LM - Bologna)

· Prof. Marco Giorgetti (Advanced spectroscopy in chemistry - LM - Bologna)

· Prof. Stefania Albonetti (Chemical Methodologies for Products and Processes - LP - Bologna)

Research Commission


SUA-RD drafting, doctoral scholarships, research fund distribution criteria, scientific productivity control of teachers.


Professors and researchers of the Department


· Prof. Paolo Melchiorre


· Prof. Stefano Zacchini

· Prof. Andreas Lesch

· Dr. Tommaso Salzillo

· Dr. Luca Ciacci

· Prof. Federico Alberini

· Prof. Laura Mazzocchetti

· Dr. Andrea Fasolini

· Dr. Margherita Dalla Casa (research manager of the Department)

QA commission


The "Toso Montanari" Department of Industrial Chemistry has set up a single Quality Assurance Commission, which transversely deals with the review of all the Department's Study Programmes.


Teachers and researchers of the Department, also belonging to the QA commissions of CDS.


· Prof. Elisabetta Venuti


· Prof. Laura Mazzocchetti

· Prof. Tiziana Benelli

· Prof. Filippo Tamassia

· Prof. Giorgio Bencivenni

· Prof. Rita Mazzoni

Active Past members: Prof. Cristina Femoni; Prof. Maria Francesca Fochi.


· Prof. Cristina Femoni


· Prof. Erika Scavetta

· Prof. Filippo Tamassia

· Prof. Giorgio Bencivenni

· Prof. Mariafrancesca Fochi

· Prof. Tiziana Benelli

Internationalization Commission

At CHIMIND there is an Internationalization Commission which is responsible for disseminating information and supporting students of all degree and master's degree courses who decide to carry out a period of study abroad.


Professors and researchers of the Department, TA staff.


· Prof. Marco Garavelli

Department Internationalization Delegate Internationalization Subcommittee:


· Prof. Cristina Femoni

· Prof. Marco Giorgetti

· Prof. Stefano Stagni

· Prof. Ivan Rivalta

· Prof. Nikos Dimitratos

· Prof. Stefania Albonetti

· Prof. Maria Francesca Fochi

· TA staff: Dr. Marina Grandini

Joint Commission of the School of Sciences


The Teachers-Students Joint Commission, within the scope of its competences, investigates the critical issues encountered on the training path and on the students' experience and brings them to the attention of the bodies.

Department members


· Prof. Ivan Rivalta

· Prof. Sergio Zappoli

Student Representatives

· Mr. Emanuel Bruno Savini

· Mrs. Laura Marcon


University Library System - Navile Library

Library managers

Management Coordinator: Dr. Laura Peperoni tel. (+39) 051 2093892

Technical Manager: Dr. Gustavo Filippucci tel. (+39) 051 2093639

Referent for the Third Mission

· Prof. Stefano Stagni (there is currently no Commission)