Sites and places of the Department

Industrial Chemistry Department, Bologna site

Viale Risorgimento, 4, 40136 Bologna (BO)

Industrial Chemistry Department, Faenza site

Via Granarolo, 62, 48018 Faenza (RA)

Industrial Chemistry Department, Rimini site

Via dei Mille, 39, 47921 Rimini (RN)

Places of the Bologna Department site

The historic site of the Department is in Viale Risorgimento 4. The research activities are carried out there, there are classrooms and laboratories, equipped for both teaching and research.

The location of the lessons is at the "Navile" site: Ue1 via della Beverara, 123/1; Ue4 via Gobetti, 85.

Main thematic research areas of the Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari": Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.

Reception: tel: +39 051 2093650, PEC e-mail:

Places of the Faenza Department site

The location of the lessons is in via Granarolo 62, at the Romagna Tech premises. The didactic laboratories are located in the adjacent business incubator, in Via Einstein 6. The activities also take place in connection with CIRI MAM (Advanced Mechanics and Materials), which is based in via Einstein 8.
The UOS (Headquarters Operating Unit) of Faenza organizes the teaching of the Traditional and Innovative Materials curriculum of the Degree Course in Chemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials. The aim is to train first level graduates with specific skills, from a chemical and technological point of view, in the field of materials, both traditional and advanced.
Contacts: Prof. Mauro Comes Franchini,, Luisa Collina, Tel: 0544 937909,

Places of the Rimini Department site

The location of the lessons is via dei Mille 39. The educational workshops are located in via Bastioni Settentrionali 45.
The research activities are carried out in close connection with CIRI Energia e Ambiente, which is located at the new Tecnopolo, via Dario Campana 71. Operative of UOS headquarters), reference of teachers and researchers for teaching and research activities, they carry out coordination functions.
Rimini UOS carries out research applied to the sustainable management of waste, to the chemical-physical characterization of industrial residues with a view to recovery and enhancement, to the development of innovative materials for the storage of energy and for the optimization of chemical processes , the remediation of land with electrochemical methods.

Contacts: Prof. Ivano Vassura, Annalisa Muzzi, Tel: 0541 434536,